The Mog Sack, like its counterpart the Mog Satchel, is a form of storage accessible from anywhere on Vana'diel that allows players to freely interchange items with their standard inventory. It has the same storage capacity as the player's inventory, and is expandable to a maximum of 80 slots through the completion of the Gobbiebag quests. Return to the Artisan Moogle after you've completed the Gobbiebag quests to have your Mog Sack's size adjusted to the same as your current inventory.

Players may view the contents of their Mog Sack via the "Mog Sack" submenu of the "View House" menu, or the "/sack" text command, and move items between it and their standard inventory as desired.

It is not possible to equip or use items directly from one's Mog Sack, or sell them in bazaars. You must transfer items to your inventory to do this.

The Mog Sack feature is available only to players who purchased it from Artisan Moogle listed below for 9,980 gil.

  • Southern San d'Oria (M-6)
  • Bastok Markets (H-7)
  • Windurst Woods (G-10)
  • Ru'Lude Gardens (I-9)

By simply talking to the moogle, you can also receive a Scroll of Instant Warp once every real life day from any Artisan Moogle.

Game Script

After completing any gobbie bag quest, your Mog Sack will not be automatically upgraded like your inventory and Satchel. You have to talk to the Artisan Moogle and choose the upgrade option.

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