Mog Pell (Red)


Red mog pellExclusive
A perfectly preserved piece of
parchment ribboned with red and
manufactured by moogles. It can be
bartered for a bevy of beautiful
Stackable: 12

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

Used to obtain: Trade to a Festive Moogle to select one of the following:

Echad Ring Trizek Ring
Beastmen's Seal x40 Kindred's Crest x40 Sacred Kindred's Crest x40
Kindred's Seal x40 High Kindred's Crest x40
Skirmish/Alluvion Skirmish
Rala Visage IV Eudaemon Sash Snowdim Stone +1 x12
Faithful's Torso IV Eudaemon Shield Leafdim Stone +1 x12
Faithful's Legs IV Wailing Stone +1 x12 Duskdim Stone +1 x12
Cirdas Visage IV Snowslit Stone +1 x12 Snoworb Stone +1 x12
Yorcia Visage IV Leafslit Stone +1 x12 Leaforb Stone +1 x12
Ra'Kaznar Visage IV Duskslit Stone +1 x12 Duskorb Stone +1 x12
Eudaemon Blade Snowtip Stone +1 x12 Pulchridopt Wing x6
Eudaemon Cape Leaftip Stone +1 x12 Lebondopt Wing x6
Eudaemon Ring Dusktip Stone +1 x12 Mellidopt Wing x6
Cipher: Zeid Cipher: Fablinix Cipher: Areuhat
Cipher: Lion Cipher: D. Shantotto Cipher: Lhe
Cipher: Naja Cipher: Star Sibyl Cipher: Mayakov
Cipher: Lehko Cipher: Uka Cipher: Brygid
Cipher: Luzaf Cipher: Kuyin Cipher: Mildaurion
Cipher: Najelith Cipher: Karaha Cipher: Rongelouts
Cipher: Aldo Cipher: Abenzio Cipher: Kupofried
Cipher: Moogle Cipher: Rughadjeen

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.

Special Event

Distributed via Delivery Box during certain Special Events: