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Green Mog pell Exclusive
A perfectly preserved piece of parchment glazed with green and manufactured by moogles. It can be bartered for a bevy of beautiful baubles.

Stackable: No

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.

Used to obtain: See below


Trade to a Festive Moogle to select one of the following:

Equipment Page 1.

Goblin suit / Green Moogle suit / Goblin masque / Green moogle masque / Morbol cap / Morbol shield

Alliance shirt / Alliance pants / Alliance boots / Worm feelers / Worm masque / Kyuka uchiwa

Ark tachi / Ark saber / Ark scythe / Ark tabar

Equipment Page 2.

Ark sword / Chocobo masque / Chocobo suit / Bomb masque

Eminent baghnakhs / Eminent dagger / Eminent scimitar

Eminent sword / Eminent axe / Eminent voulge / Eminent sickle

Eminent lance / Kaitsuburi / Ichimonji-Yofusa / Eminent wand / Eminent staff

Equipment Page 3.

Eminent pole / Eminent bow / Eminent crossbow / Eminent gun

Eminent sachet / Eminent flute / Eminent animator / Eminent bell / Eminent shield


Copper A.M.A.N. voucher (10)

How to Obtain

Special Event

  • Appreciation Abounds during the Eleventh Vana'versary[1]
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