Green Mog Pell


Green Mog pellExclusive
A perfectly preserved piece of
parchment glazed with green and
manufactured by moogles. It can be
bartered for a bevy of beautiful baubles.
Stackable: 99

Other Uses

Resale Price: Cannot be sold to NPCs.
Trade to a Festive Moogle to select one of the following:
Goblin Suit Ark Scythe Duodecennial Ring
Green Moogle Suit Ark Tabar Vocation Ring
Goblin Masque Ark Sword
Green Moogle Masque Chocobo Masque
Morbol Cap Chocobo Suit
Morbol Shield Bomb Masque
Cait Sith Guard Excalipoor
Cait Sith Cap Pupil's Shirt
Alliance Shirt Pupil's Trousers
Alliance Pants Pupil's Shoes
Alliance Boots Pupil's Camisa
Worm Feelers Lycopodium Masque
Worm Masque Leafkin Cap
Kyuka Uchiwa Sheep Cap
Ark Tachi Heartbeater
Ark Saber Poroggo Coat


How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered. Ffxiah-small.png
Cannot be obtained as a random reward from the Gobbie Mystery Box Special Dial and similar sources.

Special Event

  • Appreciation Abounds during the Eleventh Vana'versary[1]

Deeds of Heroism

At 1190 and 1430 total Deeds.