Mog Patio design document

Mog Patio design document
This plan, written by the Mog House Management Union, describes in intricate detail the parameters, requirements, and necessities regarding a Mog Patio. Those in possession of these plans can construct a Mog Patio if their Mog House has a second floor.

Adds a 'Mog Patio' option to the Mog House 2F Remodel menu .

The permanent key item is obtained after using the Patio Design Plans in the same way you would use a magic scroll. The Patio Design Plans are obtained with login points from Greeter Moogles during various Login Campaigns.

Despite the language in the item, this does not construct a patio in addition to the second floor. No additional storage is provided.

Mog Patio

Patio remodel option for 2nd floor of Mog House

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