Mog Kupon AW-Cos ki

Mog Kupon AW-Cos
Issued by the Mog House Management Union (MHMU). Tradeable for a variety of costumes.
Trade Kupon AW-Cos to Dealer Moogle and cancel to receive this key item.
This kupon can be redeemed for one of the following items:
Hand-to-Hand Weapons
Worm Feelers +1
Ibushi Shinai +1 Ark Saber Ark Sword Excalipoor II
Ark Tabar
Pitchfork +1
Ark Scythe
Great Katanas
Hardwood Katana Lotus Katana Shinai Ark Tachi
Chocobo Wand Charm Wand +1 Nomad Moogle Rod Miracle Wand +1 Battledore
Dream Bell +1 Heartstopper +1 Heartbeater +1 Leafkin Bopper +1 Kyuka Uchiwa +1
Purple Spriggan Club Red Spriggan Club Tsukubaneita Green Spriggan Club Jingly Rod +1
Treat Staff Treat Staff II Malice Masher +1
Janus Guard Moogle Guard +1 Chocobo Shield +1 Cassie's Shield Cait Sith Guard +1
She-Slime Shield Metal Slime Shield Hatchling Shield Mundus Shield Slime Shield
Glinting Shield
Decennial Crown +1 Decennial Tiara +1 Pyracmon Cap Snow Bunny Hat +1 Horror Head
Horror Head II Dream Hat +1 Coven Hat Egg Helm Redeyes
Buffalo Cap Agent Hood Starlet Flower Carbie Cap +1 Cassie's Cap
Lycopodium Masque +1 Mandragora Masque +1 Flan Masque +1 Cait Sith Cap +1 Sheep Cap +1
Frosty Cap Corolla Celeste Cap Leafkin Cap +1 Rabbit Cap
Shobuhouou Kabuto Behemoth Masque +1 Goblin Masque Green Moogle Masque Worm Masque +1
She-Slime Hat Metal Slime Hat
Slime Cap Bomb Masque +1 Snoll Masque +1 Chocobo Masque +1 Wyrmking Masque +1
Rarab Masque +1 Crab Cap +1 Kakai Cap +1 Cumulus Masque +1
Chest Armor
Decennial Coat +1 Decennial Dress +1 Eerie Cloak +1 Otokoeshi Yukata Ominaeshi Yukata
Dinner Jacket Novennial Coat Novennial Dress Hikogami Yukata Himegami Yukata
Lord's Yukata Lady's Yukata Dream Robe +1 Otokogimi Yukata Onnagimi Yukata
Botulus Suit +1 Track Shirt +1 Heart Apron +1 Pupil's Shirt Behemoth Suit +1
Poroggo Coat +1 Ta Moko +1 Cossie Top +1 Agent Coat Starlet Jabot
Rustic Maillot +1 Shoal Maillot +1 Mandragora Suit +1 Kengyu Happi Shokujo Happi
Goblin Suit Green Moogle Suit Purple Spriggan Coat Red Spriggan Coat Alliance Shirt +1
Green Spriggan Coat Chocobo Suit +1 Wyrmking Suit +1 Rhapsody Shirt +1 Behemoth Suit +1
Akitu Shirt Jubilee Shirt Poroggo Coat +1
Gloves and Gauntlets
Dream Mittens +1 Agent Cuffs Starlet Gloves
Leg Armor
Decennial Tights +1 Decennial Hose +1 Novennial Hose Novennial Boots Dream Trousers +1
Dream Pants +1 Dinner Hose Pupil's Trousers Swimming Togs +1 Cossie Bottom +1
Agent Pants Starlet Skirt Track Pants +1 Rustic Trunks +1 Shoal Trunks +1
Kengyu Hanmomohiki Shokujo Hanmomohiki Alliance Pants
Boots and Greaves
Dream Boots +1 Starlet Boots Pupil's Shoes Agent Boots Alliance Boots
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