Mog houses can be expanded to two stories by completing the Growing Flowers, A Lady's Heart, and Flower Child quests.

  • If the quests above have already been completed, speaking to the mog house moogle (at your home nation), asking about the second floor, and leaving and reentering the mog house will expand it.

About Mog House 2F

The second floor is slightly larger than the first.

Moogle placement
There is no moogle on the second floor, freeing up space for furnishings.

Wall layout
There are more locations to place wall furnishings. Wall furnishings can now be set to four different heights.

The interior design can be freely changed and set to San d'Orian, Bastokan, or Windurstian architectural styles.

  • Only the second floor can be customized in this way.
  • After buying Mog Patio design document from Login Campaign, the Mog Patio is added to the 2nd Floor remodel options.

Going to the second floor

Select "Change floors." when near your mog house's entrance to move between floors.

  • Player guests cannot change floors this way. To invite a player to the second floor, have them leave the mog house and reinvite them while on the second floor.

Mog Safe 2

Expanding the mog house grants access to Mog Safe 2, a new item storage option.

  • Mog Safe 2 functions identically to Mog Safe.
  • Both Mog Safe and Mog Safe 2 share the same maximum storage value.


  • Players can enjoy music played by the Symphonic Curator on the second floor of their Mog House if an Orchestrion, Nanaa Mihgo Statue, or Nanaa Mihgo Statue II is placed there.
  • Potted plants cannot be placed on the second floor.
  • Furnishings that enable the player to proclaim items from moogles, such as the Galley Kitchen, continue to have their effects when placed on the second floor.
  • Second floor furnishings do not contribute towards any moghancement effects.