(Tablets and Secondary Rewards)
(Tablets and Secondary Rewards)
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*Tablet of Dignity: [[Orichalcum Ore]]
*Tablet of Dignity: [[Orichalcum Ore]]
*Tablet of Loyalty: [[Palladian Brass Ingot]]
*Tablet of Loyalty: [[Palladian Brass Ingot]]
*Tablet of Compassion: [[Adaman Ingot]]
*Tablet of Compassion: [[Damascus Ingot]]
*Tablet of Justice: [[Themis Orb]]
*Tablet of Justice: [[Themis Orb]]
*Tablet of Hope: [[Bookshelf]]
*Tablet of Hope: [[Bookshelf]]

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Go All to Pieces—The Mog Tablet Quest Unearthed! (05-07-2009)-3

A Mog Tablet in the Pashhow Marshlands

As part of the Mog Tablet Quest, eleven Mog Tablets have been scattered around Vana'diel and must be discovered and restored by adventurers in return for special rewards.

While the tablets are scattered, they can be found in any of the following areas:

West Ronfaure / East Ronfaure / La Theine Plateau / Valkurm Dunes / Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs / North Gustaberg / South Gustaberg / Konschtat Highlands / Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields / Beaucedine Glacier / Xarcabard / Cape Teriggan / Eastern Altepa Desert / West Sarutabaruta / East Sarutabaruta / Tahrongi Canyon / Buburimu Peninsula / Meriphataud Mountains / Sauromugue Champaign / The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah / Ro'Maeve / Yuhtunga Jungle / Yhoator Jungle / Western Altepa Desert / Qufim Island / Behemoth's Dominion / Valley of Sorrows
  • The tablets can only be targeted when a player gets within close proximity of one, though they do show up on widescan near the bottom of the list above any NPCs and Field Manuals.
    • The tablets do not automatically spawn when it is time; they only spawn when a players comes within 15'~ of them. Same for widescan. They will not appear on widescan until a player has spawned one by coming within proximity of it.
    • There is a 2-3 second delay from when a player comes within proximity of a tablet and it will become targetable and scannable, making it easy to miss with enhanced movement speed.
  • It is possible to search for mog tablets while remaining mounted on a chocobo. [1]
  • A message will be displayed to every player in areas subject to Super Kupowers whenever a tablet has been found.

For successful discovery of a tablet, talking to the Explorer Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens will yield a Kupofried's Ring as well as a second reward, specific to the tablet discovered.

  • There is a short delay between discovering a tablet and being able to receive your reward. If you warp back to Ru'Lude Gardens too quickly, the Explorer Moogle may talk to you as if you have not discovered the tablet. If this happens, wait until the message telling you the tablet has been discovered appears on the chatlog again. The message you get upon discovery is to notify you, the second message logs your success with the Explorer Moogle and you are then able to receive your reward.

You do not have to return to the Explorer Moogle after finding a Mog-Tablet in order for the Super Kupowers to be granted. You have until the Super Kupowers wear off (1 week) to claim your reward.

  • If you already have a reward item marked RareExclusive from a previous Mog-Tablet recovery and the reward given from a new recovery is the same, you will be unable to obtain both the item and the Kupofried's Ring even if you do not have a ring in your possession already. You must first discard the conflicting item, then talk to the Explorer Moogle again to recieve both the item and the ring together.

When all 11 tablets are discovered, Super Kupowers will be granted to all players for one week within certain areas. After this period of time, the tablets will be scattered again, and following a period of 8-24 hours, they will become discoverable once again.

  • A message will be displayed to every player in areas subject to Super Kupowers when the Kupowers fade away and the tablets spread. This message does not mean that the tablets are once again immediately findable; a random period between 8-24 hours is required.

Tablets and Secondary Rewards

Tablet Locations

These are the map locations where tablets have been successfully located. There have been confirmations from multiple servers of matching coordinates. There are, however, many that are yet to be discovered.

When the coordinate is given, a quadrant is also provided to help the search.
Eastern Altepa Desert
Eastern Altepa Desert Map
  • F-8 Dead center
  • G-6 Top Center
  • G-8 Top left
  • G-8/9 Mid-left on the line
Western Altepa Desert

Western Altepa Desert Map

  • D-12 Top near trench
  • F-11 Dead center
  • G-5 Very bottom right
  • G-11 top center
  • K-6 Bottom left
  • L-6 Bottom middle (in between the plants)
Yuhtunga Jungle
  • E-9 Bottom left
  • H-7 Behind a rock near the tunnel
  • I-6 Next to the rock.
  • K-8 Near center (must walk through Ifrit's Cauldron)
Yhoator Jungle
  • H-8 Above ground dead center
  • I-9 Just South of Outpost in the ruins.

East Ronfaure
  • I-7 Bridge on river
  • I-9 Near bridge on river
  • H-8 Bottom left corner
West Ronfaure
  • F-7 Bottom Left
  • G-7 Top middle
  • H-7 Bottom Left
  • H-8 Center
  • H-9 Center
  • I-10 North East of Stone Monument

La Theine Plateau
  • D-7 Top left
  • D-7 Below Middle Of Mountain
  • E-7 Near the road on the hillside.
  • I-6 Near the middle.
  • I-9 Next to the road.
  • I-7 West of mountains
  • K-12 Near the pond.
Valkurm Dunes
  • D-7 On way to secret beach
  • E-8 Just west of the palm trees
  • F-7 Right in-between all the palm trees
  • H-9 A little north of the boat
North Gustaberg
North Gustaberg Map
  • D-10/E-10 by road next to a rock
  • F-9 Bottom right
  • H-7 Center (just south of the river)
  • K-7 Top-Left Quad near bend
South Gustaberg
  • E-9 Between 3 small ponds
  • F-8 Left side
  • I-8 Center top - top level Vomp Hill
  • J-9 Lower left under platform
  • J-9 Top right corner
Konschtat Highlands
  • F-6/E-6 At the middle of line dividing the coordinates.
  • H-4/5 At the middle of line dividing the coordinates.
  • K-4 Heading toward Pashhow.
Pashhow Marshlands
  • H-6 Bottom left
  • H-10 Top right
  • H-9 Bottom center
  • I-8 Center of the map beside pathway
  • J-6 Against the wall
East Sarutabaruta
  • G-5 Bottom right
  • G-6 Top left corner
  • J-7 Bottom right, right next to the tower
  • J-8 Bottom left
West Sarutabaruta
  • G-9 Bottom middle
  • H-6 North of Outpost close to a tree
  • H-7 On the north line (south of outpost, right as the road turns East)
  • I-8 Top left corner
Tahrongi Canyon
  • G-5 Bottom right.
  • G-7/H-7 Right on the line in the middle.
  • H-6 Southeast Corner.
  • H-8 Smack in the middle, on top of the hill.
  • I-8/J-8 Right on the line in the middle.
Meriphataud Mountains
  • H-6 Bottom left corner
  • H-8 Left side under spine
  • I-7 Middle
Rolanberry Fields
  • F-9 Lower Left
  • H-11 near the vines
  • I-9 Center
Batallia Downs
  • E-5 Near Necropolis entrance
  • E-7 SouthWest Quadrant
  • G-7 Southeast, on top of a hill.
  • H-6 On top of the hill near the ruins
Sauromugue Champaign
  • I-7 center in ruins on hillside.
  • K-7 Near tower
  • K-8 Near path
  • K-10 On path.
  • L-7 Eastern side at start of Mountain Path
Buburimu Peninsula
  • J-7 Bottom middle
Cape Teriggan
  • G-7/H-7 right on the line
  • H-9 Center
  • Southwest quadrant of H-7
Valley of Sorrows
  • G-8 By the entrance
  • H-8 Dead center
Behemoth's Dominion
  • E-8 Top right corner
  • F-7 Left Middle between E-7/F-7 Line
  • H-8 against the spine
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
  • F-8 Bottom middle
  • D-7 Behind rock on near the wall
  • H-8 Bottom Left Corner
  • K-10 South near rocks
  • C-9 Southeast Quadrant
  • G-9 Upper right
  • M-9 Southwest Quadrant
  • L-9
Beaucedine Glacier
Beaucedine glacier
  • G-7 Right in middle
  • H-8 Up on very top cliff (have to go around to get there)
  • I-7 Atop the cliff, near center.
  • K-5 close to fei'yin behind rock on the right side of ramp
  • F-7 Near trench
  • F-8 Near wall (Might be the same as the F-7 one)
  • G-8 Upper right corner of coordinate square, along the wall
  • H-7 Top level towards bottom
  • H-9 Right behind the rock North of the Outpost Warp
  • I-7 middle bottom of coordinate square on map next to rock at the base of the mountain
Jugner Forest
  • I-6/J-6 top corner
  • K-7 bottom left corner
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