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==Macro Syntax==
==Macro Syntax==
*'''/ja "Modus Veritas" <t>''' or you may prefer '''/ja "Modus Veritas" <stnpc>'''.
*'''/ja "Modus Veritas" <t>'''
*'''/ja "Modus Veritas" <stnpc>'''.
[[category:Job Abilities]]
[[category:Job Abilities]]

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Job AbilityEdit

  • Increases damage done by helix spells while lowering spell duration by 50% (by 10% less each Merit Points upgrade).
  • Obtained: Scholar Level 65
  • Recast Time: 3:00
  • Duration: Instant


  • This ability is used on a target that has already been afflicted by a -helix spell. When used it substantially increases the damage (appears to be double) and halves the remaining duration.
  • After a helix spell is cast on a target, a predetermined period of time must elapse before Modus Veritas can be used effectively.
    • The time delay is low enough to not effect the SCH casting the helix spell, so it's assumed to be 1 regular tick.
  • Multiple Scholars can stack this effect. It works regardless of who cast the helix (But only one helix can be on any mob at any given time).
    • It's unclear if the time delay on the helix spell extends to multiple simultanious uses of Modus Veritas. (Ie, does Modus Veritas reset the timer.)
  • According to a recent update's notes certain Notorious Monsters will demonstrate resistance to the effects of Modus Veritas.

The effect of Modus Veritas can now miss a target completely since the 6/21/10 update.

Historical Background Edit

  • Modus Veritas is Latin for "measure of truth".

Macro SyntaxEdit

  • /ja "Modus Veritas" <t>
  • /ja "Modus Veritas" <stnpc>.
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