«FFXI-Movie» Mjollnir

Game Script

Mjollnir - The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
You hear a voice from out of nowhere...

???: ...
At long last, you have arrived.

???: I was not convinced you were serious about completing this trial...

???: You have proven me wrong.

Ferreous Coffin: I have heard of your coming.

Ferreous Coffin: You are to be the new master of this hammer of war?

Ferreous Coffin: Every time Mjollnir is reborn it gains a new wielder, who ultimately must pass it on to a successor.
I have swung this hammer for more than eight hundred years. I never wished to part with it.

Ferreous Coffin: However, there is little meaning in me keeping it now.
If you will wield this weapon for a just cause, I hand its power over to you.

Ferreous Coffin: Now, take the hammer and go!
Just be careful with how you handle it.
Do not let its might crush you as well...

???: ...

???: My might is yours to wield.

???: Go forth and experience the destructive that laid low the Earth Serpent...