Start NPC Ratoto - Upper Jeuno (I-10)
Requirements NPC Level 56 minimum
Title Granted A Friend Indeed
Repeatable No
Reward Raises Adventuring Fellow Level Cap to 65
Food Item based on NPC Type
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Regaining Trust Clash of the Comrades
Replay Cutscenes
Mixed Signals(pt.1) Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Mixed Signals(pt.2) Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Mixed Signals Gizel Southern San d'Oria (H-8)
Mixed Signals(pt.3) Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Mixed Signals Goblin Footprint Qulun Dome (F-7)
Mixed Signals(pt.4) Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)


Must wait until after Conquest Tally to proceed with this quest after last quest. (conquest tally no longer matters)

Food Rewards and Effects

Personality Food Personality Food
Sullen ♂ Homemade Cheese Sisterly ♀ Homemade Risotto
Passionate ♂ Homemade Steak Lively ♀ Homemade Rice Ball
Calm and Collected ♂ Homemade Gelato Agreeable ♀ Homemade Herbal Tea
Serious ♂ Homemade Bread Naive ♀ Homemade Stew
Childish ♂ Homemade Salisbury Steak Serious ♀ Homemade Salad
Suave ♂ Homemade Omelette Domineering ♀ Homemade Carbonara

Game Description

Luto Mewrilah (Artisan Bridge, Upper Jeuno)
Your adventuring fellow is acting strangely. Talk to Luto to see what you can find out.