Start NPC Anguenet - Carpenters' Landing (J-10)
Items Needed Muddy Siredon, 100 gil
Repeatable Yes
Reward Blackened Muddy Siredon


  • To get to Anguenet zone in from the entrance at (J-8) Jugner Forest.
  • Or Survival Guide / Norvallen / Carpenters' Landing / he is just to the left of you.
  • Talk to Anguenet and take the fourth option (Newtpool) for him to talk about the Muddy Siredon.
  • Trade Lourdaude a Muddy Siredon. Trade him a second time, with 100 gil. He will give you back a Blackened Muddy Siredon, and complete the quest.
    • You only need to trade him 100 gil the first time. After that, you may trade Muddy Siredon again for free.

Game Description

Anguenet (Carpenters' Landing)
If you give a "Muddy Siredon" to Lourdaude, the tonberry that stands beside Anguenet, he will make you one of the Mithra's favorite foods.