The Mithra Mercenaries is one of two Windurstian military organizations, the other being the War Warlocks. There are four brigades each lead by a Mercenary Major. Each brigade is broken down into Mercenary Companies lead by a Mercenary Captain. The amount of mercenaries can rise and fall depending on the hunting season, but they usually are about one hundred of them per company. The mercenaries are mainly Mithra, as the name implies, but when the Mithra are out hunting and the number are considerably low, Freeswords are hired. Freeswords are inexperienced soliders from Windurst that could be from any race.


The Crystal War Mercenary Majors

1. Cobra Unit

2. Anaconda Unit

The Crystal War Mercenary Captains

1.Crocodile Mercenaries

2.Cougar Volunteers

3.Python Mercenaries

4.Wildcat Volunteers

5.Olzhiryan Volunteer Army...Mithra aka "Terrible Tigresses"

6. Cheetah Volunteers