Start NPC Rigobertine (J-8) Eastern Adoulin Exorcist Priory
Items Needed Key Item Purple purgation cloth
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Elixir Tank
12000 EXP/limit points
3000 bayld
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No Mercy for the Wicked None


The Battle

  • Only people who are on or have beaten this fight can help.
  • Buffs and trusts wear on entry. Trusts can be summoned in the fight.
  • Ingrid must not die. Trusts do not cure Ingrid, she is the responsibility of a real player.
  • The target is Headless Torturer, a single Dullahan-type NM with very high HP and very high defense.
  • The NM intimidates all players. The intimidation occurs more often at lower HP.
  • Can access a high-damage AOE skill Noahionto, which does damage proportional to the amount of damage recently received.
  • Uses Atramentous Libations to absorb HP from surrounding targets.
  • Single-target damage and stun.
  • It casts tier V elemental spells (long cast time; you can cast a bar spell easily).
  • Casts Absorb-TP, which absorbs TP from all nearby targets.
  • AOE damage + silence/paralyze.
  • Below 50% HP, has a much more powerful AOE damage skill.
  • Below 50% HP, can obtain physical+magical damage immunity. Ingrid will dispel this with Merciless Strike, accompanies by text in the chat log. It may still be debuffed while it has the damage immunity.
    • During this invincible phase, it will prefer to use Noahionto. It is advised to disengage and keep Ingrid healed until she can dispel his immunity.
      • Do notice Ingrid II can also use Merciless Strike. Ive fought two times with her up, and she was doing good job closing skillchain with Light followed by magic burst on her Banishes. Overall she is pretty strong for this fight, and unsure but when I used her in two fight, in both i didnt notice the immunity appearing. Not sure if related to the trust Merciless Strike or the skillchain Light and magic bursts but do recomend to add her to your setup.
  • The Headless Torturer is susceptible to bind, gravity, slow, paralyze, and silence.
  • The battle ends when the Headless Torturer is under 10% HP.
  • If you fail, another Key ItemPurple purgation cloth can be obtained from Rigobertine.
  • Check the roots again for a final cutscene with Ingrid, Hildebert, Marcellurin, Faustoise, and Gratzigg that grants your reward.

Game Description

Marcellurin (Exorcist Priory, Eastern Adoulin)
Hildebert's wife, Faustoise, has finally awakened, but she has led Ingrid deep into Yorcia Weald. Head after them and figure out what is going on.