Mirage Sword


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Mirage sword
(Sword) All Races Su4
Lv. 99 BLU
<Item Level: 119>
Damage Per Second: 39.85
TP Per Hit: 71
The ingame item description suggests the Blue Magic skill bonus is only active inside of Dynamis - Divergence zones. The Japanese text of the item orders it differently, suggesting the English text is just a localization error.[1]


Oboro will augment this item for players who have entered any Dynamis - Divergence zone. Reinforcement Points are accumulated either in exchange for Heroism Crystals / Aggregates, or by accumulating them by defeating foes of any wave in any Dynamis - Divergence zone. Max Rank augment for this item (15) shown:

Other Uses

Resale Price: ???~??? gil

Synthesis Recipes

Goldsmithing 111~113Exclamation, Leathercraft (Information), Clothcraft (Information)
Yield: Mirage Sword x 1
HQ 1: Luhlaza Sword x 1
HQ 2: Zomorrodnegar x 1
Light Crystal
KeyItemGoldsmith's aurum tome

Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Weapons > Swords ( )

Only obtainable through synthesis.


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