Mineral Vein #1 is available in your Mog Garden after completing Mining Missive. Every earth day, you can harvest from your mineral vein a set number of times, which increases per upgrade.

  • Upgrade key items can be purchased from Zenicca for bayld, or from Skipper Moogle for gil.
    • Upgrades become available depending on the total number of real-life days in which your mineral vein is mined.

Upon reaching rank 3, the boulder face will appear worn away, granting a second mining point, Mineral Vein #2.
Upon reaching rank 5, a second boulder will appear to the left, granting a third mining point, Mineral Vein #3.
Upon reaching rank 7, the left boulder's face wears away to reveal crystals, granting a fourth mining point, Mineral Vein #4.


  • Serums will persist for 7 harvests.
Serum Effect
Rockoil "Multiple Excavations" takes one try
Stone Serum Increases yield
Vein Serum Occasionally grants free mining attempts
Auserum Yields 1 precious metal
Smelting Serum Yields 1 metal
Coalition Serum Yields 2 metals or precious metals
Monarch Beetle Saliva Yields 0-3 Antlion Spirits


  • Any item slot may yield a crystal instead.
  • Instructing Yeestog to "repair the tools" will occasionally grant free mining attempts.
  • Every mining attempt yields items in the following order:
    • 1-3 items, randomly chosen from the Metals+Biominerals lists or the Precious metals+Biominerals lists. This choice is invisible to the player, and is specific to the particular vein mined.
      • Choosing to mine multiple times will perform that specific action until it becomes unavailable. As a consequence, an initial "mine multiple times" that digs up metals will cause the next set of actions to dig up precious metals, and vice versa.
    • Bonus yield from serum
    • Bonus yield from Yeestog
      • Instructing Yeestog to "make mining easier" will yield 1 additional item
Rank Metals Precious metals Biominerals
Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5
Rank 6
Rank 7