Start NPC Nanaa Mihgo - Windurst Woods (J-3)
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation 1
Items Needed Yagudo Necklace x4
Title Granted Cat Burglar Groupie
Repeatable Yes
Reward 200 gil
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None Rock Racketeer


  • Repeatedly talk to Nanaa Mihgo until the quest is flagged.
    • You may have to talk to her several times.
  • Optional: speak to Cha Lebagta.
  • Trade Nanaa Mihgo four Yagudo Necklaces to complete the quest and receive your reward.


Game Description

Nanaa Mihgo (Cat Burglar's lair, Windurst Woods)
If you want to befriend the infamous Cat Burglar, then you'll have to give her something she likes.
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