Start NPC Balasiel - Southern San d'Oria (F-7)
Requirements Able to wield Spear of Trials Lv.71
Polearm Skill 240+
No other WSNM quest active
Items Needed Sahagin Key
Repeatable No
Reward Grants the Weapon Skill Impulse Drive

Sea Serpent Grotto Composite

Composite Map


Sea Serpent Grotto


  • If you chose the the wrong answer by mistake, zone out and back in to get the cutscene again.
  • When everyone is ready, trade the Sahagin Key to the Ornamented door. You cannot open it from inside and you lose key so make sure everyone gets in.
  • Now pass the bridge and the ??? is in the next room, click it to spawn the NM named Water Leaper.
  • Once the NM is dead, re-examine the ??? to obtain the Annals of Truth (key item).
  • Bring this back to Balasiel for your reward.
  • NOTE: You cannot unlock this quest if you already have another Weapon Skill quest active. (Though you CAN cancel the quest by talking to the NPC that gave it to you)


  • It should be noted that this only applies to DRG

Game Description

Balasiel (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)
Balasiel requires your assistance in constructing a new set of polearm training guidelines for the San d'Orian knights.
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