Carbuncle deals Light damage to an enemy.


Avatar: Carbuncle (Light)

Blood Pact: Rage

Cost: 108 MP

Level: 55


Effect Duration: Instantaneous

Battle Application:

Damage Type: Magic

Additional Notes:

  • Formula for damage appears to be similar to Magical Damage: V+(Carbuncle INT - Monster INT)*1.5 where V=500 and Carbuncle INT is 47 at Lv75. Also affected by Carbuncle TP, but unknown exactly how this fits in. Preliminary results suggest something along the lines of TP/2, making the full formula as follows:

500+(Carbuncle INT - Monster INT)*1.5*MAB Bonus*Day/Weather Bonus + TP/2

Macro Syntax

  • /pet Meteorite <t>
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