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Scroll of MeteorRare
BLM Lv.99
Teaches the black magic Meteor
Join with your comrades to summon a
massive meteor from the heavens and
smite your foes.
Despite an in-game recast time of 180 seconds, the restriction of only being able to cast Meteor under the effects of Elemental Seal makes that timer moot.

As a group cast spell, up to six Black Mages may cast the same Meteor.

  • When the first black mage begins casting, all other black mages in the same party have until the completion of their cast to join the group cast.
  • Enemy monsters hit by Meteor gain a strong resistance to further damage by Meteor for five minutes.
  • Area of effect radius is 10'

Enemy Usage of Meteor

  • The area of effect when Meteor is cast by enemies is much greater, at up to 30'
  • Some monsters use Meteor as a special ability, such as Chlevnik's use just before it dies. Such activations require no casting time.

Other Uses

Resale Price: 15,457~15,843 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Black Magic ( )



Meeble Burrows

High-Tier Mission Battlefields

Spoils from multiple battlefields.


In exchange for 10,000 potpourri

Adventurer Campaigns

May be randomly obtained during the following campaigns

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