Metanoia RingRare
[Rings] All Races
MP +15 INT -4 MND -4 Enmity -5
Lv. 76 All Jobs

Other Uses

Resale Price: 6,750~~ gil

Synthesis Recipes


Used in Recipes

  • None

Desynthesis Recipes


Obtained from Desynthesis

  • None

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Armor > Rings ( )

Dropped From

Name Level Zone
Treble Noctules (NM) Qmark Abyssea - Tahrongi

Historical Background

Metanoia can mean the period of self-healing after a psychological break down. In the context of theological discussion, it also is usually interpreted to mean repentance (the act of turning towards God, and embracing a religion).

It is unclear why Square-Enix used this name for the ring, though it could be suggested the negative stats on the ring itself and the negative enmity represent repentance of a kind.

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