Table of Contents
Zone Information
Area Name Metalworks
Type City
Map Acquisition Purchase
Miscellaneous None
Ffxi gld 01.gif
Region Bastok
Expansion Final Fantasy XI
Requirements None
Restrictions None
Background music "Metalworks"
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

Home to the Republic of Bastok's presidential offices, including the official Immigration NPC Mythily and Ballista Pursuivant Invincible Shield, not to mention the Consulates of the other nations. The Metalworks is also home to, not surprisingly, the Blacksmith Guild and its proprietor, Cid.


Bastok Markets: (H-7)
Home Point #1: (I-8)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
A Question of Faith General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Bait and Switch General Salim    Metalworks G-7
Beadeaux Smog General High Bear    Metalworks I-8
Chips General Ghebi Damomohe    Lower Jeuno I-7
Cid's Secret General Cid    Metalworks H-8
Dark Legacy DRK AF1 Raibaht    Metalworks G-8
Dark Puppet DRK AF2 Cid    Metalworks H-8
The Darksmith General Mighty Fist    Metalworks G-9
Faded Promises General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Fires of Discontent Storyline Engelhart    Bastok Markets (S) K-10
Hyper Active General Raibaht    Metalworks G-8
Lure of the Wildcat (Bastok) General Alib-Mufalib    Port Bastok K-7
Mean Machine Spell Scroll Unlucky Rat    Metalworks G-7
Message on the Wind General Romualdo    Metalworks K-9
The Naming Game General Raibaht    Metalworks G-8
Out of the Depths General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Return to the Depths General Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Weaponskill Cid    Metalworks H-8
Smoke on the Mountain General Hungry Wolf    Metalworks G-9
Stamp Hunt General Arawn    Bastok Markets J-10
Stardust General Baldric    Metalworks G-9
Teak Me to the Stars General Raibaht    Metalworks G-8
The Doorman WAR AF1 Phara    Bastok Mines J-9
The Gustaberg Tour General Ayame    Metalworks G-8
The Long March North Storyline Robel-Akbel    Windurst Waters (S) H-10 North
The Weight of Your Limits Weaponskill Iron Eater    Metalworks J-8
Too Many Chefs General Ferghus    Metalworks G-9
True Strength MNK AF3 Ayame    Metalworks K-7
Synergistic Pursuits Synergy Hildolf    Metalworks F-8
Waking the Colossus Avatar Nashmeira    Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Mission Nation Starter Location
The Zeruhn Report Bastok 1-1 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
A Geological Survey Bastok 1-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Crystal Line Bastok 2-1 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Wading Beasts Bastok 2-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Emissary Bastok 2-3 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Four Musketeers Bastok 2-3 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Jeuno (Mission) Bastok 3-3 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Darkness Rising Bastok 5-1 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Xarcabard, Land of Truths Bastok 5-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Pirate's Cove Bastok 6-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Final Image Bastok 7-1 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
On My Way Bastok 7-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Chains That Bind Us Bastok 7-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
The Salt of the Earth Bastok 7-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Where Two Paths Converge Bastok 7-2 Bastok Gate Guard Bastok
Journey Abroad San d'Oria 2-3 San d'Orian Gate Guard San d'Oria
The Three Kingdoms Windurst 2-3 Windurst Gate Guard Windurst
The Call of the Wyrmking Promathia 3-1 --- ---
The Road Forks Promathia 3-3 --- ---
The Enduring Tumult of War Promathia 5-1 --- ---
Three Paths Promathia 5-3 --- ---
The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid Metalworks H-8
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid Metalworks H-8
Past Sins (Louverance's Path) Promathia 5-3 Cid Metalworks H-8
One to be Feared Promathia 6-4 --- ---
Fire in the Eyes of Men Promathia 7-3 --- ---
Calm Before the Storm Promathia 7-4 --- ---
Dawn Promathia 8-4 --- ---

Other Information

Fish Cap Body of Water
1 Gil
0 Information Needed
100 Gil

Fishing Maps
Information Needed

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Abbudin (G - 9)
Alois (J - 8) Quest NPC
Amulya (E - 9) Guild Merchant
Ayame (K - 7) Quest Giver
Baldric (G - 9) Quest Giver
Chantain (I - 9) Consulate Representative
Cid (H - 8) Quest Giver
Darha (F - 8) Quest NPC
Dark Clouds (F - 8)
Dietrich (I - 7)
Elayne (G - 8) Quest NPC
Fariel (I - 8)
Ferghus (G - 9)
Folzen (F - 8) Quest NPC
Franziska (K - 8)
Ghemp (E - 7) Guild Master
Glarociquet, T.K. (I - 9) Conquest Overseer
San d'Oria: Foreign Guard
Grohm (H - 9) Mission NPC
Hadelind (I - 7)
Hans (I - 9)
Helga (I - 8)
Helmut (F - 8) Quest NPC
High Bear (I - 8) Quest Giver
Hugues (E - 7) Recipe Giver
Hungry Wolf (G - 9) Quest Giver
Indiran (K - 7)
Invincible Shield (G - 8) Ballista Pursuivant
Iron Eater (J - 8) Quest NPC
Izabele (G - 8) Quest Giver
Kachina (J - 8)
Kaela (I - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Karst (K - 8) President and Mission NPC
Krieger (G - 7)
Lexun-Marixun, W.W. (I - 7) Conquest Overseer
Windurst: Foreign Guard
Name Location Type
Lorena (F - 7) Blacksmithing Guildworker's Union Representative
Lucius (I - 9) Mission NPC
Lutia (I - 9)
Malduc (J - 8) Mission Giver
Manilam (G - 7) Quest NPC
Mighty Fist (G - 9) Quest Giver
Mih Ketto (I - 7)
Moyoyo (I - 7)
Mukunda (J - 8)
Mythily (J - 8) Immigration NPC
Naji (J - 8) Mission NPC
Nogga (G - 7) Merchant
Olaf (G - 7) Merchant
Patricius (H - 8)
Patt-Pott (I - 7) Consulate Representative
Pius (J - 8) Mission NPC
Quasim (G - 8) Adventurer's Assistant
Raibaht (G - 8) Quest Giver
Remus (G - 9)
Riault (I - 9)
Romero (E - 7) Recipe Giver
Romualdo (K - 9) Quest NPC
Salim (G - 7) Quest NPC
Savae E Paleade (I - 9)
Striking Snake (H - 7) Quest NPC
Takiyah (I - 7) Merchant
Taulluque (I - 8) Past Event Watcher
Tomasa (H - 9) Merchant
Topuru-Kuperu (I - 7)
Udine A.M.A.N. (H - 8)
Unlucky Rat (G - 7) Quest Giver
Veit (H - 7)
Vicious Eye (E - 9) Guild Merchant
Vladinek (H - 8) Quest NPC
Wise Owl (E - 7) Recipe Giver
Zenobia (I - 7)