Start NPC Romualdo - Metalworks (K-9)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess. Level 20
Title Granted Windtalker
Repeatable No
Reward Smart Grenade


  • Start in the present by speaking with Romualdo at the Cannonry in the Metalworks (second floor, K-9).
You may have to speak with him twice to get the reply "There's not much call for it with the current peace...".
He's located at the top of the hill directly northwest of the rampart gate inside a small stone fort.
  • The quest now appears in your log.
  • Speak with Childerich in Grauberg (S) at the west side of the house at (E-12).
  • Check the ??? at J-9.
The correct ??? is east of the Outpost Tower, not on the eastern wall of the Outpost itself. It is located at the rocks near the cliff.


  • Return to the present and speak with Romualdo at the Cannonry in Bastok Metalworks.
  • Return to the past and speak with Childerich at Grauberg (S) (E-12) for a cutscene.
    • During the cutscene, he offers you a list of possible scripts. Choose "Message on the Wind" and you will get your new title.

Game Description

Romualdo (Cannon Battery, Batallia Downs (S))
Romualdo believes he has heard the voice of his deceased father in Grauberg. He'd like to head there again to find out for sure, but is unable to leave his post...
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