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  • Hey there! I noticed your recent edit to Prishe II's page and I can understand your skepticism if she did not perform the spell for you. I am the one who included her use of Curaga to the entry of Prishe II. It's been quite some time so I do not recall all the details, but I saw her cast up to Curaga V many times. It's possible that the alter ego may need multiple injured party members to fulfill the requirements, or perhaps she simply does not cast it as often as others may. In any case, I invite you to participate in the High-Tier Battlefield ★One to be Feared on Normal, Difficult, or Very Difficult with Prishe II in your party. I completed this particular fight many times, most often with alter egos capable of AoE heals (Selh'teus, Iroha II, Nashmeira II, etc. to name a few) because Omega frequently uses strong AoE attacks. Try this fight with Prishe II a few times and I assure you that she will indeed cast Curaga spells.

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    • That is quite interesting to know :) I've been categorizing Trust by what they offer and AoE Healing seems to be hard to come by. I have Selh'teus and Trust: Nashmeira II as well and I would love to do more testing.

      It WAS just myself and Prishe II when I was testing. I shudder to think what I'll have to do to get myself and multiple Trust into low enough HP to trigger Curagas, but some day I'll try it.

      There's a reason I didn't straight up delete the Curaga line. I hope it's true, I'm just curious what the requirements are.

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    • Hi, please view the Trust: Prishe II main page again and its Talk page for my edits and some new info.

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    • I do not recall the exact text I put on the page, but it was just myself and Prishe II adventuring. I let myself get to <25% HP. She got to Orange HP. She didn't cast Curaga at all. There DEFINITELY are more requirements for her to cast Curaga. Your edit to the page is lacking that info.

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