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  • Hiya! You left me a message over on Fandom's Community Central, but I thought it more appropriate to continue the discussion here on FFXIclopedia :)

    The navigation bar currently lists

    • Exploring FFXI
    • Gameplay
    • Community
    • Explore
    • Discuss

    The links are outdated and in some places irrelevant - they need reorganising and adding to to create a decent navigation to all areas of the site.

    It's just one more thing that needs doing to bring the site up-to-date!

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    • I think Snorgle meant

      Well, I never used Unity leaders, but then I tried out Apururu, as Kupipi always caused me problems. And holy shit, the difference is HUGE. Your trust party can survive a whole lot longer if you use a decent healing Trust.

      I think a decent comparison of Trusts would be nice, but I can't quite imagine how that would work ... I mean, what exactly can you compare? You can't just rate them based on usefulness ^^'

      Also, one thing I just noticed: Unity, New Player Guides and Rhapsodies of Vanadiel Missions have broken links atm.

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    • Hey guys ^^, I just did a little bit of updating, so we are more relevant for endgame information (although it is not too much I did). So I request some admin changes to make the best out of it ;)

      1. Please rename Level 99 J.S.E. Capes to "JSE Reive Capes"

      2. In the Top bar, do the following changes:

      3. In the Top bar, change the list under "Battlefields" to:

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