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  • Hi there, thanks for the contributions, but I've had to remove the page you created at Category:Omen as it's a direct copy/paste of the same page over at BG-Wiki.

    I'm very happy for you to share your experience of Omen content as you've experienced it here on ffxiclopedia, but I hope you can understand that duplicating articles which contributors over there have had creative input (regards wording and layout) reduces ffxiclopedia's relevance and encourages a divide between the two sites' users.

    If you'd like to discuss further, reply here, or drop into our Discord channel, where you can also chat to a couple of the BG-Wiki admins.

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    • Hello,

      I'm wondering about the situation where the person is the author of both articles / changes? Does one have to write two versions of the same article? Just wondering, so as to stay within the rules.

      BTW, I'm not saying this was the case for the Omen article. I'm asking about a situation specifically where one writes an article and publishes it both on BG-Wiki and here.

      Thanks :)

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    • If it's your article, you can replicate it directly as far as ffxiclopedia is concerned. I can't speak for BG-Wiki - if it's something you end up wanting to do, it may be a good option to check with their admins first, as they have a strict no-content-from-ffxiclopedia policy as far as I've been made aware.

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