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PM 4-3Edit



This notice has been placed on your talk page because you have been observed engaging in an edit war in violation of our Inappropriate Behavior Policy. According to this policy:

An edit war is the act of two or more parties adding and/or reverting an article’s content to suit their own view of the subject. The content is changed by one user, then changed back by another, effectively "warring" over whose edit is best. Edit wars that do not stop after a warning may result in being banned from the FFXIclopedia.

Edit Wars

CoP Mission pages Edit

Please do not edit war with other users or administrators. If you have a problem with an editing decision made by an admin, you can contact another administrator to have the matter looked into. By continuing an edit war, you are likely to receive a temporary ban.

When it looks like an edit war is about to happen, or you find your edits constantly changed back, it is always better to contact the person who is making the changes and politely discuss with them how you can compromise to make the article better for all users. Simply reverting changes is often construed rude (for both people) and only leads to a fight. If you are willing to discuss your changes with me or the other users on the CoP mission pages, I'm sure we can come to a compromise that benefits the community at large, and I will talk to User:Charitwo (the other admin involved) so he doesn't inadvertently give you a temporary ban (since you'd be willing to work with us, and I know it's usually his first reaction when someone makes a revert after an admin decision has already been made). Just shoot me a reply on my talk page and I'm sure we can resolve this. --Chrisjander t/ c 19:26, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

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