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go ahead and delete the pictures i posted to pop glavoid and chloris too.. i dont know how to delete them

In regards to the status effect "Mute" Edit

"Silena" removes this effect. It is even stated in the in-game description of the spell "Silena".

I have seen the spell "Silena" remove "Mute" status once. Sadly I do not remember the situational setup.

The intent of the edit was to temp mark. The description page for the spell "Silena" states that "Silena" does NOT remove "Mute". This could be due to inaccurate testing on a status effect that is rarely seen. Do you know for a fact that "Silena" does not remove "Mute" in EVERY possible battle scenario/debuffed state? I am of the belief that Square Enix made the "Silena" description as such for a reason.

Can you post in-game logs disproving this? I will gather my own as well.

LAIN 12:52, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

concern Edit

lordshadow i was wondering if you as an admin could recall my wiki page information for some reason it was erased not by my doing and has nothing on it. thank you

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