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  • I live in Chicago, IL
  • I was born on January 17
  • My occupation is Computer Specialist (Retired)
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  • Just letting all of the regular contributors here at ffxiclopedia know. I'm livid, but we don't have any recourse.

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    • OK, this is the first I'm hearing of this action.

      I'm assuming what's going on is a web site by the name Gamerescape cloned FFXiclopedia!

      Question: Was this a one time thing or is it on-going? Maybe its not yet clear.

      If it is on-going, well, we do modify and created pages here on FFXiclopedia and . . . well, what we put in the pages about Gamerescape is what you, we decide! If they want to clone our pages, they'll have to accept what we write.

      No, I'm not sure what we'd say -- I'm just saying we control the content and not them. If they want to clone, well, clone this . . . (once we figure out what they'd not like seeing on their site, but we don't mind being on our site).

      Yeah, why do they get to take our work and put their name on it! Why!?

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    • They are the original creators of ffxiclopedia, who cloned the site in 2010 for their site Gamerescape and sold ffxiclopedia to Wikia.

      Since then, naturally they haven't edited here and made the 2010 data into a very different site at Gamerescape. However, they lost all of that data earlier this year and so have decided to use ffxiclopedia's data to start afresh, though this time from 2017.

      Their intention is to reformat the appearance/layout and then have a new team continue editing from where we left off in June. As far as I know they don't intend to clone us again, unless of course they lose all of their data again.

      I just wanted our recent prevalent editors to know that this site now appears elsewhere on the internet, in a form they can't control and not to be surprised by that.

      I argued that they should rollback the changes to 2010 and start from there again, but they have told me they have no intention of doing that. The best we can do is improve this site functionally and aesthetically to ensure that FFXI players choose us over them! :)

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    • Did their sales agreement allow them to clone the 2017 data or did they do it without permission?

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    • That's between them and Wikia currently, though I've e-mailed our Community Manager at Wikia letting him know the situation and asked that he update me. Presumably he's got to look it up as it was so long ago.

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  • I miss the FFXIclopedia forums.

    Where can I post questions like this one and have people find it, easily like on a forum. :)


    Hi! :)

    Way back in the Zilart days, someone (maybe SE) created a video about a linkshell with one remaining member. Even though he was the last member, he didn't throw his pearl. Instead he visited all the new and wonderful places opened by the new expansion - Zilart. He'd go to some new and beautiful place, equip his old pearl, and tell everyone on there (even though no one was) all about the place and how wonderful it was to see.

    One day an old member returned and he wasn't alone again.

    This video made me cry and still does to this day! Why?

    When I joined (March 2004 - NA PS2 release date), I also joined (on Caitsith) a LS by the name of Brotherhood. The same thing happened to it! My Son and I were the last members (until the pearl broke). The majority of members were friends in Tenn, I think, and had a falling out. This falling out got them to leave the game . . .

    I loved the group - especially CRASHER!! I miss CRASHER to this day! He was our White Mage! :)

    Anyway, if someone knows of this video and can tell me where to find it or send it to me -- I'd appreciate it!

    Thank you and long live Final Fantasy XI! Remember Caitsith!

    IBHalliwell on Ragnarok (Formerly of Caitsith)

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    • We have new forums! They can be found at and are linked to on the menu bar.

      However, being as you can now count the number of regular editors on this site on one hand, you might just want to use wall posts like this. :) We also have a Discord channel for voice and text chat as per the main page.

      For communication with the wider community, I'd head over to reddit/ffxi which is quite active and may know where to find that vid!

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