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  • Is there a compelling reason to shift the DMG: and Delay: stats out of the Weapon templates and into the stats= block of the weapon template? By doing that, we're losing the useful TP/hit and DPS estimates that get automatically computed otherwise on the item's info section.

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    • Other items I was working on didn't use DMG and Delay from the template and I figured it was because the editor wanted them linked to the DMG and Delay pages. I see your point about DPS and TP/hit and that is definitely more important than those links, now that I think about it. Thanks.

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  • Hi Brundlefly and welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for your edits so far - I can see you've been busy. Can I ask that you don't remove the Armor template from items though. Keeping information organised with a template means that the root template can be changed and then formatting will be applied across the entire wiki.

    Some guidelines on updating information and when templates should be used is linked from the front page and can be found here:

    If you feel that a template's layout isn't right, either contact the creator (if they're an active user) or edit the template itself to improve it. You might want to play around in your sandbox with an example of a template to ensure it works nicely before updating it to the main wiki.

    Any questions, do feel free to reply here, on my wall, or over on the Discord channel.

    Thanks again!

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