A gathering place of bards from all around Vana'diel. Adventurer's can relax with a tall glass of juice and listen to the music...

Location: Lower Jeuno H-8

Shop type: Tavern

Merry Minstrel\'s Meadhouse


Name Items Sold Price
Yoskolo Distilled Water ~10-12 gil
Orange Juice ~184-208 gil
Apple Juice ~276-312 gil
Melon Juice ~1012-1144 gil
Grape Juice ~855-967 gil
Pineapple Juice ~368-416 gil
Icecap Rolanberry ~5544 gil
Scroll of Fire Carol ~6380 gil
Scroll of Ice Carol ~7440 gil
Scroll of Wind Carol ~5940 gil
Scroll of Earth Carol ~4600 gil
Scroll of Lightning Carol ~7920 gil
Scroll of Water Carol ~5000 gil
Scroll of Light Carol ~4200 gil
Scroll of Dark Carol ~8400 gil


Name Purpose
Mataligeat Patron
Bki Tbujhja Quest NPC

Starts Quest:

Involved in Quests:

Yoskolo Standard Merchant
Ruslan Quest NPC

Involved in Quest:

Mertaire Quest NPC

Starts Quests:

Tuh Almobankha Title Changer
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