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Memories on Your Back
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Every adventurer carries a pack. For the well-equipped amongst us, it might even be deemed indispensable.

In the course of their travels, many have found that their packs are too small. They often turn to a certain Goblin to have them resized.

But what exactly are people storing in their packs? And why?

We recently conducted an extensive survey of adventurers on this very topic.

Naturally, the contents of an adventurer's pack vary with his job and role in battle, making for an interesting amalgamation of weapons, equipment, and even food.

Those who spend time fishing, mining, and crafting pack their bags full of related tools and equipment.

While everybody's pack is different, our survey uncovered an interesting and unexpected trend.

A great number of adventurers are carrying and caring for items that they have no intention of using.

They carry these things for a variety of reasons.

"I always carry this with me. Seeing it reminds me of my friend and keeps my spirits up," said one adventurer.

He then pulled a sparkling jewel from the bottom of his bag. It was a memento that he had received from a long-lost friend.

Another adventurer carries with him a red carnation. He and his fiancee exchanged the flowers in place of rings.

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This carnation is no less red than the fires of the passion it symbolizes.

Another adventurer carries a lone diamond. Her fiance, a goldsmith, asked her to hold onto it until he has the skills to craft a proper ring.

There are some who still treasure the adventurer coupon they received the day they decided to journey forth into Vana'diel.

Others hold onto a lucky egg, four-leaf mandragora bud, or wild rabbit tail that represents their dreams. Some even keep a Goblin die, just in case they need a "lucky" roll.

Over half of all adventurers surveyed carry some kind of lucky item. Among veterans with a high mission rank that figure jumps to a startling 80%.

Adventurers' packs can contain a wide assortment of treasures, and in their deepest recesses they conceal the bearer's fondest memories.

Perhaps your own pack contains something that has a meaning far exceeding its use--something about your dreams or character, something that says more than words ever could?

There is truly no end to the secrets that are revealed in an adventurer's pack.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 22

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