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Lately when I go into my Mog House, I've noticed that my moogle seems a little irritated. Could it be because my safe is filled to the brim with items? I realized that the time has come for a Mog House cleaning, but there are so many nostalgic items, such as the flowers I received in celebration for becoming a reporter, the linkpearl I used to use with my old friends, and even my engagement ring--I just can't throw such precious items away!

I am going to have to have one of my carpenter friends make some kind of chest of drawers for me. Thinking about cleaning, though, made me wonder if other adventurers also had items that they held on to purely for nostalgic purposes. So, naturally, I set about asking questions in the area.

First, an adventurer named Cafe showed me his Kirin's Osode, an item that now has nearly immeasurable value. However, Cafe had his own reasons for treasuring the armor.

"There are a lot of people who hunt notorious monsters now, but back in the old days, I would attempt to defeat the monsters in as small groups as possible. We squeezed every bit of knowledge and power out of each member--working well together was no easy task, especially considering how none of us knew each other all that well! I don't take such risks anymore, but looking at this Kirin's Osode brings back those memories and re-ignites some of that old spirit in me!"

The armor may sell for a high price, but the memories are truly priceless.

Next, I spoke to a woman named Seater, who held her Lilith's rod closely as she spoke. Apparently, she had earned the rod from a monster that she had defeated with the help of a man she deeply cared for.

"It's a really hard item to get. We fought the monster together fourteen times! But I was kind of torn… I knew that if we got the rod, then I wouldn't have any more excuses to see him. I didn't know what I would do once I got it."

Oh, I understand that feeling all too well. Finally obtaining the Lilith's rod resulted in mixed happiness and sadness, but it all turned out to be needless anxiety.

"Afterwards, he sent me a beautiful white dress, asking if I wanted to get married!"

What happy news. I wonder if they've set a date yet.

"But then he had to return to his hometown, and his days as an adventurer ended. This Lilith's rod and the dress are my only souvenirs of our time spent together. They're all I have left of him, really. I'm still waiting for him to come back..."

Her story made me feel a little sorry for her, but Seater seemed upbeat during the entire conversation. Still, I offered a little prayer to Altana for Seater's fiancé to return.

In the cathedral, I was approached by Saltol (not his real name), a handsome Elvaan alchemist in elegant spectacles.

"All things in this world are compositions of the eight elements. No more, and no less."

Well, that's certainly interesting. I gave him a forced smile and turned to walk away when he began to speak in a relaxed tone and make more sense.

"In all honesty, I do have something. It's not much, though..."

"Back when I was a fledgling adventurer, I was something of a scholar, and didn't have enough skill in battle to frighten a tunnel worm. At times I regretted becoming an adventurer. But one day, I met a Galka with giant, bulging muscles! I found him completely barbaric in the beginning, but he lent me fine weapons and taught me the basics of battle."

It sounds like you two made quite an unusual pair!

"However, after night fell, we split up, and I forgot to return his claymore to him. I was so exhausted that I even forgot his name. The next day, I searched all over for him--even venturing as far as foreign nations--but I could not find him anywhere…and I still have not found him!"

Saltol is now a daunting adventurer perfecting his technique, yet he still possesses the claymore he borrowed so long ago.

"My success as an adventurer is all thanks to him. The sword is just a simple bit of matter, but there is some element within that cannot be analyzed by logic... I just cannot bring myself to get rid of it. I will return it to the man who helped me, though!"

Together, we prayed that Saltol would be able to find the man who helped him. So, I wasn't the only one who can't let go of certain items, simple as they may be. The worth of objects depend on the importance their owners place on them. Such value can't be measured in gil.

After returning home to finish my cleaning, I found my husband waiting for me.

Tathuma: This place is always such a mess!

Myhal: You're looking at it all wrong. These are all precious memories of mine.

Tathuma: That's just an excuse for not cleaning. All of my memories only exist in my heart!

Myhal: Oh, really? And I suppose that's where I'd be able to find all those presents I so kindly gave you? I don't see that faceguard anywhere!

Tathuma: ...Eh heh heh, time for bed! Good night!

Well, you can find warriors just about anywhere, but I guess I have to admit that this one is special.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 15

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