Reactor failure causes self-destruct, dealing magic damage to targets in an area of effect.


  • Family: Doll
  • Type: Magical
  • Can be dispelled: N/A
  • Utsusemi/Blink absorb: Ignores shadows
  • Range: 15' radial
  • Notes: When it is about to use this move, it will curl up and levitate. It can be stunned.
  • Unlike many mob abilities and spells, this cannot be interrupted with Sleep Bolts. Meltdown will still go off if the doll started casting before it was slept.
    • Light Shot has the same problem as the Sleep Bolts. about 50% of the time, if the mob has already begun Meltdown, it will become slept but finish the move.
  • You can't reduce the damage taken from this with Barfire or fire resistance gear. I had 244 Barfira and my friend had 0 and we both took 1600 damage. This is an HP based self-sacrificing move just like Mijin Gakure. This type of damage can only be reduced by using magic defense bonus, magic damage taken -%X, shell, phalanx and stoneskin.
  • This move is not based on the mob's current HP. One time it did it at 75% and a second time at 25% and both times I took over 1000 damage. This was tested on Demonic Dolls.
  • Due to the time taken for this move to execute, it is possible to 'outrun' this attack, and take no damage, as the mob will remain stationary until the attack is completed.
    • I second this, I personally have outrun it many times. The animation starts long(by long I mean like, a second) before the chat message appears though, and if you wait until you see the chat message to react, you're probably not gonna make it. So as soon as you see him shake and curl into a ball, run like hell.
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