Start NPC Unlucky Rat - Metalworks - Cermet Refinery (G-7)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 2
Items Needed Slime Oil
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Warp


  • Talk to Unlucky Rat inside the Cermet Refinery of Bastok's Metalworks. He muses about how to oil the machine, but does not ask you for anything specific.
    • Unlucky Rat is on the lower level, so use Home Point #2
  • Obtain a Slime Oil from one of the mobs in the Slime family that drop it, or purchase it from the Auction House.

Game Description

Unlucky Rat (Cermet Refinery, Metalworks)
One of the factory's machines needs oiling, but Unlucky Rat is out of machine oil. Help him out by bringing him something that can be used as a substitute.