Mazurka is a type of Enhancing Song used by Bards. It slightly increases the Movement Speed of party members within range.

Two songs give this effect. Their effects do not combine. They also will not always function, depending on area and circumstance (see below).


  • Mazurka effect combines with the one strongest piece of equipment with a boost to movement speed that the player is currently using. If a player is using multiple pieces of gear that boosts movement speed, only the strongest one takes effect; the rest will not combine.
  • Mazurka effect does not combine at all with Flee, any sort of action that bestows a Flee effect, or with the speed boost of rental chocobos. Player movement speed cannot legitimately exceed 200%, or a +100% boost.
  • See Movement Speed for more information.
  • Mazurka effect immediately wears off if the player performs any sort of offensive action on an enemy, or if an enemy performs any sort of offensive action on the player. This is designed to inhibit the effectiveness of kiting tactics.
  • In the past, Mazurka songs drew unusually large amounts of enmity, especially if they hit entire parties, which had aided greatly in allowing Bards the potential to tank many powerful NMs and HNMs. These songs now cause extremely little enmity; it is now significantly harder for Bards to easily maintain a level of enmity high enough to tank with, hard enough such that it isn't worth attempting anymore in most cases.

Songs are learned by Bards only, at the following levels:

37: Raptor Mazurka
73: Chocobo Mazurka

Instruments that Enhance this Song

Name Lvl Effects
Harlequin's Horn Rare 70 Mazurka +2
Millennium Horn RareExclusive 75 In Dynamis: CHR +3, All Songs +2
Gjallarhorn RareExclusive 75 CHR +4, All Songs +2, Singing Skill +10, Wind Instrument Skill +10
Vihuela Rare 81 Mambo +3 Mazurka +3