Maze Voucher 04


Maze Voucher 04 RareExclusive
A slip of paper containing maze
construction specifications.
To order a maze, it must be
attached to a Maze Tabula.
It reads, "Materialization Team."

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.
Price: 100 Moblin Marbles
Name Location Type
Chatnachoq Lower Jeuno (H-9) Moblin Maze Mongers


  • Title: Materialization Team
  • Creates a maze with the goal "Synthesize all requested items".
  • The maze will contain enemies; HELM points; a Fabricant Idol; and Stowastiq, a Moblin Maze Mongers representative.
    • You will be asked to synthesize a number of items, using materials obtained from the HELM points in the maze, as well as from defeating the monsters therein.
    • The maze is considered complete when all requested items have been synthesized.
  • There are harvesting, logging and mining points throughout the area that are used to obtain the items for synthesis (all temporary items).
  • Items can be stored with Stowastiq while you go out to get more.
  • Items required are based on the creators highest crafting skill.
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