Maze voucher 01


Maze Voucher 01 RareExclusive
A slip of paper containing maze
construction specifications.
To order a maze, it must be
attached to a Maze Tabula.
It reads, "Sanitization Team Alpha."

How to Obtain

Cannot be auctioned, traded, bazaared, or delivered.


  • Title: Sanitization Team Alpha
  • The goal of this maze is to "Defeat all enemies".
  • The maze will be populated with a number of enemies (around 15-25) which all must be defeated within 30 minutes to complete the maze.
    • There will be two distinct groups, one in the first part of the maze, and one tougher group further in. Maze Rune 102 will add a third group in a room even further in. (Beyond the small stream in room 2.)
  • When entering, the difficulty of the enemies will be scaled to accommodate the lowest level party member. Enemies will range from Decent Challenge to Very Tough, according to the lowest level party member. Certain Maze Runes can be used to alter this difficulty.
  • Upon completion, a Hoardbox appears which can yield experience points, Moblin Marbles and sometimes extra Maze Runes.
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