May 2018 Login Campaign
≪May 2018 Login Campaign≫

The May 2018 Login Campaign will be held during the period given below.

Repeat Login Campaign No. 58 Login Point Acquisition Period:
Friday, May 10, at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Saturday, June 2, at 6:00 a.m. (PST)
Friday, May 10, at 3:00 p.m. (GMT) to Saturday, June 2, at 2:00 p.m. (GMT)

Repeat Login Campaign No. 58 Login Point Exchange Period:
Friday, May 10, at 7:00 a.m. (PST) to Saturday, June 9, at 6:00 a.m. (PST)
Friday, May 10, at 3:00 p.m. (GMT) to Saturday, June 9, at 2:00 p.m. (GMT)

The following is a list of prizes obtainable from the Greeter Moogle during Repeat Login Campaign No. 59.[1]

10 points
Beastmen's Seal Exclusive Kindred's Seal Exclusive Kindred's Crest Exclusive High Kindred's Crest Exclusive
S.Kindred Crest Exclusive Cordial Invite ExclusiveAccount Martial Ball Invite ExclusiveAccount Tr. Grounds Key ExclusiveAccount
M. Camp Entry ExclusiveAccount Pest Repellent ExclusiveAccount Athena Orb ExclusiveAccount Cracked Nut ExclusiveAccount
Seasoning Stone Exclusive Fossilized Fang Fossilized Bone Pungent Powder ExclusiveAccount
Pungent Powder II
100 points
Mog Kupon I-S1 ExclusiveAccount Eudaemon Blade Eudaemon Cape Eudaemon Ring
Eudaemon Sash Eudaemon Shld. Drill Calamary ExclusiveAccount Dwarf Pugil ExclusiveAccount
Astral Cube RareExclusive Far East Hearth Exclusive Lycopodium Masque Exclusive Korrigan Masque Exclusive
Korrigan Suit Exclusive Cipher: Zeid RareExclusive Cipher: Lion RareExclusive Cipher: Naja RareExclusive
Cipher: Lehko RareExclusive Cipher: Luzaf RareExclusive Cipher: Najelith RareExclusive Cipher: Domina RareExclusive
Cipher: S. Sibyl RareExclusive Cipher: Karaha RareExclusive Cipher: Areuhat RareExclusive Cipher: Uka RareExclusive
Cipher: Kuyin RareExclusive Cipher: Abenzio RareExclusive Cipher: Rughadjeen RareExclusive Cipher: Lhe RareExclusive
Cipher: Mayakov RareExclusive Cipher: Brygid RareExclusive Cipher: Mildaurion RareExclusive Cipher: Rongelouts RareExclusive
Cipher: Robel-Akbel RareExclusive Cipher: Ullegore RareExclusive Cipher: Teodor RareExclusive Cipher: Darrcuiln RareExclusive
Excalipoor Exclusive
300 points
♪Crab RareExclusive Cipher: Shantotto II RareExclusive Firetongue Exclusive Cumulus Masque Exclusive
Rem's Tale Ch.1 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.2 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.3 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.4 ExclusiveAccount
Rem's Tale Ch.5 ExclusiveAccount
500 points
Coeurl 500px
750 points
Kitchen Brick RareExclusive Kitchen Stove RareExclusive Kitchen Plate RareExclusive Moat Carp Creel Exclusive
Honey Wine Rare Beastly Shank Rare Blue Pondweed Rare Brigand's Chart RareExclusiveAccount
Pirate's Chart RareExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.6 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.7 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.8 ExclusiveAccount
Rem's Tale Ch.9 ExclusiveAccount Rem's Tale Ch.10 ExclusiveAccount
1000 points
Mog Patio Plans RareExclusive Caliber Ring RareExclusiveAccount Facility Ring RareExclusiveAccount
1500 points
Savory Shank Rare Sweet Tea Rare Red Pondweed Rare


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