Merit Point Enhancement

  • Category: Job-specific - Group 1 (Scholar)
  • Limits: 5 Levels (Merit Point progression: 1>2>3>4>5 = 15 points total)
  • Description: Each level of this enhancement increases the maximum amount of MP that can be stored with Sublimation by 10 per level, to a maximum bonus of +50 MP storage capacity at level 5.
  • Note: This bonus is applied after the calculation of the limit based on your max HP (it is a fixed bonus on top of whatever your HP-based limit is). Further testing has determined that the bonus given by the Max Sublimation Merit Enhancement increases not only the amount returned, but the amount stored. This means that if you would normally lose 250 HP to gain 250 MP, with one merit level into this enhancement you would lose 260 HP for 260 MP.