Matter Diffusion Modules are devices found within the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, The Garden of Ru'Hmet, and Temenos, that transport players to another floor or section. The modules function automatically like an elevator in Hu'Xzoi/Ru'Hmet, but in Temenos the module is interacted as an object.


For all areas of Temenos, the following key items are required:

With these items, the following zones can be accessed:

However, by trading specific chips obtained within Temenos to the module, additional areas may be accessed:

Other Details

Near the Matter Diffusion Module a "Scanning Device" can be found that will tell you whether the desired area is currently occupied. If it is, it will also tell you the amount of time remaining for the people who are in that area. For Central Temenos floors, you must trade the required chip to the "Scanning Device" in order to check if those floors are occupied.

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