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Mars's hexagun
(Marksmanship) All Races
DMG: 22 Delay: 480 Ranged Accuracy +3
Lv. 30 COR
Damage Per Second: 2.75
TP Per Hit: 130

Other Uses

Resale Price: ~3,400 gil

Synthesis Recipes

Smithing (57/68), Woodworking (33/44), Goldsmithing (16/27)
Yield: Mars's Hexagun x 1
HQ 1: Mars's Hexagun +1 x 1
Fire Crystal

Desynthesis Recipes

Smithing (57/68), Woodworking (33/44), Goldsmithing (16/27)
Yield: Steel Ingot x 1
HQ 1: Rosewood Lumber x 1
HQ 2: Unknown Information x 1
Lightning Crystal
  • 1 x Mars's Hexagun

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Weapons > Ranged ( )

Sparks of Eminence

Price: 340 Sparks of Eminence
Name Location Type
Isakoth Bastok Markets (E-11) A.M.A.N. Representative
Rolandienne Southern San d'Oria (G-10) A.M.A.N. Representative
Fhelm Jobeizat Windurst Woods (J-10) A.M.A.N. Representative
Eternal Flame Western Adoulin (H-11) A.M.A.N. Representative


Mars was the Roman god of war, the son of Juno and Jupiter, husband of Bellona, and the lover of Venus. He was the most prominent of the military gods that were worshipped by the Roman legions. Mars is also known as "The Red Planet", thus explaining the red coloring of the hexagun.

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