Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion

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Zone Information
Area Name Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion
Type Battlefield
Maps Maquette Abdhaljs-Legion/Maps
Map Acquisition No Map
Miscellaneous Tractor Icon.png
Region Abdhaljs
Expansion March 2012 Version Update
Requirements Level 75
Legion Pass
3-36 Participants
Restrictions 30-minute time limit
Background music
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

A Maquette created by Abdhaljs to participate in the event, "Legion." Legion is a new battle system intended to challenge high-level adventurers in alliances of eighteen to thirty-six combatants. Legion features unique battlefields in which combatants are pitted against legions of formidable high-level notorious monsters. Slay as many foes as possible within the thirty-minute time limit to reap a host of exciting rewards.


Rolanberry Fields: via Legion Tome in the Lobby.


  • This is the area to participate in Legion.
  • Requirements: Main job of level 75 or above and Three to thirty-six participants.
  • There are five sections: "Hall of Skies," "Hall of Earth," "Hall of Winds," "Hall of Clouds." & "Hall of Mul".
  • Entry is granted by obtaining a KeyItem.pngLegion tome page from Saarlan (E-6) Rolanberry Fields.
  • When your alliance of 18 or 36 is ready, speak to Mayuyu at (E-6) in Rolanberry Fields to select the section and obtain a Legion Pass.
  • Trade the Legion Pass to the nearby Legion Tome to enter.
  • Your alliance enters their own separate instance of the Maquette, similar to Nyzul Isle.
  • You appear in the antechamber, a lobby where you can buff and prepare for the fight, with the option to enter via the Legion Portal or exit via the Legion Tome.
  • In the lobby, your alliance automatically enters the battlefield in 5 minutes.
  • Each section of the Maquette looks the same. The only difference is the location of the Legion Portal to exit the battlefield.

Notorious Monsters Found Here

Hall of An Hall of Ki Hall of Im Hall of Muru
Lofty Behemoth Mired Cerberus Soaring Corse Veiled Amphiptere
Lofty Wyrm Mired Khimaira Soaring Dvergr Veiled Ixion
Lofty Adamantoise Mired Hydra Soaring Vampyr Veiled Sandworm
Lofty Elasmoth Mired Orthrus Soaring Kumakatok Veiled Sanguiptere
Lofty Zilant Mired Khrysokhimaira Soaring Dweorg Veiled Alicorn
Lofty Ferromantoise Mired Alfard Soaring Strigoi Veiled Gigaworm
Lofty Harpeia Mired Mantis Soaring Naraka Veiled Ironclad
Hall of Mul
Lofty Harpeia
Mired Mantis
Soaring Naraka
Veiled Iron Giant
Paramount Naraka
Paramount Harpeia
Paramount Mantis
Paramount Ironclad
Paramount Gallu
Paramount Botulus
Paramount Avatar

Battlefield Events

Entrance: Legion Portal
Name Type Item Level Members Time
Hall of An Legion Legion Pass -- 3-36 30 minutes
Hall of Ki Legion Legion Pass -- 3-36 30 minutes
Hall of Im Legion Legion Pass -- 3-36 30 minutes
Hall of Muru Legion Legion Pass -- 3-36 30 minutes
Hall of Mul Legion Legion Pass -- 3-36 30 minutes
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