One of the five Ministries of Magic of Windurst. Located in the heart of Windurst Woods, the Manustery is the official department charged with the development of the Cardian automatons ("Manustery" is a combination of the words "ministry" and "manual" -- working with the hands). The current minister is Apururu, a position previously held by her father Zonpa-Zippa, the creator of Cardians, and Uran-Mafran, who disappeared during his tenure.


The Manustery offers a number of quests, to be completed in order:

  1. The All-New C-2000, from Kopuro-Popuro (R)
  2. A Greeting Cardian, from Kororo
  3. Legendary Plan B, from Kopuro-Popuro
  4. The All-New C-3000, from Kopuro-Popuro (R)
  5. Can Cardians Cry?, from Apururu