Start NPC Yoran-Oran - Windurst Walls (E-5)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Cornette
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Snobby Letter
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Yuhtunga Sulfur
Repeatable Yes
Reward 120 - 5,500 Gil


Item Reward Drops From
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud 120g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Sylvestre - Buburimu Peninsula
Cornette 200g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Yuhtunga Sulfur 250g Mandragora - Sarutabaruta
Pygmaioi - Tahrongi Canyon
Sylvestre - Buburimu Peninsula
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud 1,200g Mandragora - near Kazham
Snobby Letter 5,500g Mourioche - Boyahda Tree
  • If repeating this quest using Cornettes, you can use the following macro while directly facing Yoran-Oran:
    /item "Cornette" <t> or /item "Cornette" <stnpc>


  • The quickest route to Yoran's is to exit through Windurst Waters Mog House and turn right to Windurst Walls, cross the bridge, turn left, first house on left.
    • If you have Windurst Walls Home Point #1, his house is right up the hill to the north.
  • If you are doing this quest for Reputation, be sure that you trade only 1 item at a time.
    If you try more than one item, you will only be credited for the item in the first trade slot.
  • Zoning is not needed to repeat the quest.
  • You will be unable to trade anything if you are in the middle of the Windurstian leg of CoP mission 3-3.
  • This is a good quest for Windurst Reputation.

Trade Requirements

SE has decreased the number of Cornettes needed for fame by ALOT. Please update the info.

The following table gives the minimum number of trades required to achieve a given reputation level.

  • The values may be inaccurate. (Dec 2016 edit: 50 Cornettes gave Rank 8.)
  • Please update the table with the known (confirmed) minimum when testing with a single type of item.
    • If you wish to include testimony, do so on the talk page (see testimonials).
  • Do not update if multiple types of items were used or your reputation involves other quests.
Level 4-Leaf Bud Cornette Sulfur 3-Leaf Bud Letter
2 Qmark 8 Qmark Qmark Qmark
3 Qmark 40 Qmark Qmark Qmark
4 Qmark 81 Qmark Qmark Qmark
5 Qmark 140 Qmark Qmark Qmark
6 Qmark 178 Qmark Qmark Qmark
7 Qmark 195 Qmark Qmark Qmark
8 Qmark 221 Qmark Qmark Qmark
9 Qmark 240 Qmark Qmark Qmark
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