Job Ability[]

  • Eliminates the cost of magic spells.
  • Obtained: Black Mage Level 1
  • Recast Time: 1:00:00
  • Duration: 0:01:00


Manafont is a secret technique that allows a Black Mage to awaken the magical power sleeping within their body and cast magic spells without expending MP. While using this ability, magic you cast cannot be interrupted by an enemy attack.

  • Manafont is a Black Mage's One Hour Ability.
  • When active, the MP cost of all magic is reduced to zero, allowing spells to be freely cast as long as recast timers permit.
  • When active, the casting of any type of spell becomes uninterruptible by melee damage, an effect that is normally limited only to Songs. Movement, along with Stun, Sleep, Silence, and other such debilitating status effects that halt spellcasting may still cause interruptions.
  • Often used as emergency casting of healing magic when all mages are spent on MP.
  • Sometimes used as a means of ensuring the success of a Warp or Escape spell.
  • Used along side Mana Wall to mass kill mobs in Abyssea. Refer to BLM's FC in talk for more.
  • Manafont can be extended 30 seconds by wearing Sorcerer's Coat +2Augmented, Archmage's Coat, or Archmage's Coat +1 on use. You can change armor after.

Macro Syntax[]

  • /ja "Manafont" <me>
  • Using /ja "Manafont" <stpc> makes the macro user have to confirm the use of the JA.