Start NPC Mamaulabion - Norg G-6
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation 4
Items Needed Bubbly Water
Egil's Torch
Eye of Nept
Desert Light
Elder Branch
Rust 'B' Gone
Ancients' Key
Title Granted None
Repeatable Yes, as of the May 2011 update. Speak to Mamaulabion after dropping the Evoker's Ring.
Reward Evoker's Ring
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Trial by Earth
Trial by Fire
Trial by Ice
Trial by Lightning
Trial by Water
Trial by Wind
The Moonlit Path


Game Description

Mamaulabion (Near the Auction House, Norg)
Mamaulabion would like you to bring him any "thuper-dee-duper, overflowing with thpethial power itemth" you happen to come across in your travels. However, he was not able to provide you with any details on their whereabouts.
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