Start NPC Fuepepe - Windurst Waters North (L-6)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 3
Level (10)
Items Needed Test Answers
Repeatable No
Reward Aspir
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Teacher's Pet None


  • NOTE -- You must not have Let Sleeping Dogs Lie activated. Also, if you have just finished that quest, you must zone before you can flag Making the Grade.
  • Talk to Fuepepe who tells you that the students' answer sheets from their recent written exams were stolen and that The School of Magic urgently requests that you track down the answer sheets and return them.
  • Enter Inner Horutoto Ruins from East Sarutabaruta (J-7), go through one of the cracked walls at either (G-8) or (G-9).
  • Continue through the tunnel section until you reach the Magic Door at (D-10).
  • Follow through to next crack, keep going until you see a Sealed portal at (H-9).
  • To open the door, you need a party of 3 mages, a WHM, a RDM, and a BLM. Or someone with a Portal Charm-permanent key item.
  • Obtain the Test Answers, which are dropped by Wendigos inside Inner Horutoto Ruins behind the Three Mage Door, or purchased off the Auction House under Other/Misc. The tunnels that lead to (H-7) look like dead ends, but keep walking and your character will be able to go through them. The room behind the tunnels is where you will find the Wendigos.
  • Trade the Test Answers to Fuepepe, who tells you to take them to Koru-Moru, in Windurst Walls (E-7).
  • Trade the Test Answers to Koru-Moru. He then tells you to return to Fuepepe, and also gives you a Tattered Test Sheet for Chomoro-Kyotoro (you can show it to him for additional dialogue. He and the other students are on the top, outside floor. Go to the west side of the building to find the outside staircase).
  • After talking to Chomoro-Kyotoro, talk to Kirarara for even MORE additional diologue!
  • Speak with Fuepepe to receive your reward.
  • It is not necessary to speak with Chomoro-Kyotoro or Kirarara; you may speak to Feupepe right after obtaining the Tattered Test Sheet to receive the scroll of Aspir.

Game Description

Fuepepe (Aurastery, Windurst Waters)
The students' answer sheets from their recent exam have been stolen. The School of Magic urgently requests that you track down the answer sheets and return them.
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