Start NPC Naiko-Paneiko - Windurst Waters (South) C-11
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Key ItemWindurst Waters Scoop
Key ItemWindurst Woods Scoop
Key ItemWindurst Walls Scoop
Key ItemPort Windurst Scoop
Title Granted Editor's Hatchet Man
Repeatable No
Reward 560 Gil
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None Scooped!

Inner Horutoto Ruins - Beetle's Burrow

Walk Through

  • Naiko-Paneiko, in the "Tarutaru Times" offices at (C-11) in southern Windurst Waters, wants you to track down several reporters.
  • Speak to the following:
  • You must acquire all the articles to proceed in the quest. Be sure to obtain the key item from each NPC. Some are also affilated with the quest Lure of the Wildcat (Windurst), which takes priority over this quest. You may need to speak to the NPC twice to get it.
  • Go to Inner Horutoto Ruins (Lily Tower) through the tower at (J-7) in East Sarutabaruta.
  • Go to (G-8) and click on the cracked wall and follow the tunnels around to (G-8) on the map on the left.
    • If you don't have a map, just keep following the right wall when you enter the Lily Tower until you reach an Ancient Magical Gizmo. The cracked wall is to the right of this.
    • It's recommended to actually enter through the cracked wall at (G-9) as it's safer and does not require Sneak or Invisible. After entering, go north in the large room, then follow the path straight ahead. Eventually you'll make it to the Mahogany Door.
  • Follow the tunnel south and west (off the map) to the Mahogany Door. Again, if you don't have a map, just keep following the right wall and you will reach the door eventually. If you run past two greenish stone walls along the way that have magicked bones hanging out near them, you are going in the right direction. The Mahogany Door is at a dead end. Click on the door to receive a notification that you confirmed the scoop. Turn around and keep following the left wall this time to get back out.
    • Sneak and Invisible are necessary for the level 85+ monsters that are now behind all cracked walls in the Inner Horutoto Ruins.
      • This is necessary as the goblins leading to the mahogany door are aggressive, there are upwards of 4 high level goblins guarding the vicinity right after the cracked wall that will require sneak and invisible to move past.
  • Return to Naiko-Paneiko to complete the quest.

Game Description

Naiko-Paneiko (Tarutaru Times, Windurst Waters)
The editor wants you to gather news articles from the reporters dispatched to each of the four districts of Windurst. In addition, he wants you to confirm the validity of the scoop reported by the reporter in Windurst Woods.