The Main Menu in FFXI is where most of the major interface windows for the game can be accessed. The main menu has two pages, press your move left / move right keys to switch pages. Some main menu functions have a text Command associated with them.


These are listed in the order that they appear on the menu.

Page 1

Button Function
Status View status. Opens the Status sub-menu, showing the player's current job combination & levels, HP/MP/TP current/max, attributes, and experience points. Contains commands to view profile, job levels, combat/magic/craft skills, currencies, Unity Concord, play time (displays total time spent in Vana'diel), Merit Points (Lv.75 and up only), and Job Points (Lv. 99 only).
Equipment Equip weapons and armor. For most jobs, opens the Equipment screen for manual equipping of armor and weapons. For Puppetmaster only, opens a sub-menu to specify the player's or the Automaton's equipment screen.
Magic View spell and song lists. Opens a sub-menu for viewing the list of all spells learned by type: White Magic, Black Magic, Songs, Ninjutsu, Summoning Magic, Blue Magic. The player can cast spells permitted by the current job combination from here, or reorder the spell listing to preference.
Items View current inventory. Can use items and sort inventory from here. Auto-sort can also be used to combine partial stacks of stackable items into full stack(s).
Synthesis From the sub-menu, choose "Crystal Synthesis" to construct and start a synthesis, or "History" to choose one of your last 10 synthesis attempts. A History sub-menu allows you to choose "Favorites" to retain on this list.
Abilities View job abilities, weapon skills, etc. Displays a sub-menu similar to the Abilities command on the Command Menu, except the player can view Job Traits as well. Otherwise, it lets user access the current job and support job's Job Abilities, Weapon Skills, attack with a ranged weapon, and Pet Commands. The lists can all be sorted, except the Job Traits list.
Party Organize party settings. "Seek Party" toggles the Party Flag on and off (see text command /invite); Autogroup (see /autogroup) turns automatic party flag on/off. Languages sets the language preference for partying. When in a party, the menu changes to allow sending invitations, view the member list, remove members from party, change the leader, choose Cast Lots or Quartermaster for item distribution, or form/dissolve an Alliance. All of these can also be accomplished via the text command /partycmd or /pcmd. For Alliances, it is /alliancecmd or /acmd. /acmd includes extra functionality not on this menu- /acmd kick <party leader name> removes a party from a three party alliance, without breaking the parties or the alliance.
Trade Trade items or money with current target. Or, allows the player to choose a target if currently has no target. Note that trade will fail if there are insufficient inventory spaces available for the desired number of items. Gil counts as one item for this purpose.
Search Search for other players. Opens a menu allowing the player to search for currently logged on characters using a variety of conditions; After performing a search, you can narrow the search list down by selecting the bar at the top of the results window, which will allow you to select an additional condition. (The /search command provides the same functionality via the commandline.) Also, lets player edit Search Comment, whose functionality is mirrored by /seacom and /seacomup.
Linkshell Set up and equip linkshell items. Here, can equip/remove any linkshells in inventory and perform various linkshell-related tasks, such as searching for all linkshell members, creating pearls, or breaking them. A variety of equivalent text commands are available; see the Linkshell page.
Friend List Use the PlayOnline viewer's Friend List functions. Provides a limited functionality to access from within FFXI. Can see if friends are online, which service they are using (Chat, Tetra Master, FFXI, the PlayOnline Viewer, JonGHoloW (JP only), or Front Mission Online*(JP only)), the name of their current character and their location if they are currently logged onto the same FFXI server as the player, and which server they are on if they are on a different one. Can send PlayOnline messages to anyone in the list, and can view/reply to messages received.
Region Info View the balance of power for each region. Four options: Conquest, which displays the portion of Vana'diel subject to Conquest, showing the current conquest status for each Region as well as the player's Conquest Points tally; Besieged, which displays the map of the Near East territories, showing the current status of the beastmen armies for each region, as well the player's Imperial Standing Points tally; Campaign, which shows the current status of the Shadowreign Realm Crystal War - who controls what areas, the status of each area and each allied/beastmen army, and whether or not a campaign battle is taking place in each area; and Colonization, which displays the western continent of Ulbuka, including Coalition ranks, and colonization rate and number of bivouacs for each region, along with the player's Bayld. Can also access these maps with /regionmap (/rmap), /besiegemap (/bmap), /campaignmap (/cmap), and /colonizationmap, respectively.
Map View map of the current area. If without the appropriate Magical Map, can still view the current position and coordinates, though the map would appear to be blank except for player markers. A sub-menu allows viewing and editing of the custom map markers (only if in possession of the appropriate Magic Map), view the party/alliance member positions (works without the Magic Map), and use Wide Scan.
Mog House Open the Mog House menu. This gold colored button replaces the Map button when in a Mog House or Rent-a-Room, and opens the Mog House Command Menu, where the player can access all Mog House-related commands.

Page 2

Button Function
Missions View list of current missions. Lists both current and completed missions. Press the left and right directional buttons in this window to switch between mission categories, and select a particular mission for its description.
Quests View list of current quests. Lists both current and completed quests, grouped by category. Press the left and right directional buttons in this window to change the quest category, and select a particular quest to get a summary and the client NPC.
Key Items View list of key items. Key items cannot be traded or dropped. The key items are organized into ten sub-categories: Temporary Key Items, Permanent Key Items, Abyssea, Voidwatch, Geas Fete, Mounts, Mog Garden, Magical Maps, Claim Slips, and Active Effects.
View House View the contents of the Mog House. This includes viewing the items in Mog Safe, Mog Safe 2, Storage, Mog Locker, Mog Satchel, Mog Sack, Mog Case, and Mog Wardrobes. For the first four, you cannot remove, add, or sort items while away from Mog House, Rent-a-Room, or Nomad Moogle. You can access your Mog Satchel (if you have one) and the rest, and transfer items in and out, regardless of your location.
Bazaar Select merchandise from your inventory to place on sale in your Bazaar. Depending on the character's current location, a Bazaar Tax may be levied on the goods listed, payable by the buyer (this is no longer in effect).
Macros The sub-menu has 2 options: "Edit Macro", where you can edit the user-defined macros in your macro palettes. Each macro is a sequence of one to six Commands, which are executed when the macro is selected and activated by the user from the macro palettes. The other option is "Edit Equip. Set", where you can set up 100 different equipment sets that can be equipped with a single /equipset command.
Config Change the game's Options. The options available will vary depending on the platform (PC, PS2/3, XBOX 360) you are currently playing on. PC users have additional (mostly graphical) settings to configure in a configuration utility that can only be used while the game and PlayOnline are not running.
Help Desk Search for solutions to past problems or report new instances of trouble. This is equivalent to the /supportdesk and /helpdesk commands.
Current Time Display the current time in Vana'diel and on Earth. Also toggles the on-screen clock and weekday display. This is equivalent to the command /clock without operand.
Communication Contains 2 sub-menu options: Friend List and Emote List.
Shut Down Log out from FINAL FANTASY XI and PlayOnline. This is equivalent to the /shutdown command.
Log Out Log out your active character and return to the character selection screen. This is equivalent to the /logout command.

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